Lottery and sweepstakes in Poland

Grzegrzółka & Ko is the first company in the market specializing in serving the promotional lotteries and premium rate text campaigns in Poland. Rafał Grzegrzółka and Wojciech Koczorowski founded the company in 1999. 

Grzegrzółka & Ko supports the activities of each company and its advertising agency for the organization of lotteries, competitions, sweepstakes, loyalty programs. Fundraising support for NGOs in field of lottery and bingo. 

For our foreign partners we often act as a promoteur or do market or legal research about gambling in Poland. 

Grzegrzółka&Ko served more than a thousand of lotteries / sweepstakes. That is unique experience on the Polish market. Since 2010 legal situation of promotional lotteries / sweepstakes / premium rate promotions in Poland is more complicated. But Polish market is still very attractive. Listen to Eoin MacCrosain:

Goal of our team is to make our clients can focus on the activities of advertising without unnecessary waste of time and forces on the legal issues of promotional campaigns. 

References about our company, Peter Jones:

I have more than 30 years' experience in the lottery industry in the Uk and as the Secretary of the Lotteries council in Great Britain for more than 10 years have Learnt a thing or two about the legal situation and do's and don'ts here If however I was asked about the English or Irish lottery situation I would rely on Rafal Grzegrzółka in Poland ... 

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